A Must Read for All Those Who Are Suffering From Migraine

There are many people around the world who are suffering from migraine. It is more common among women. Migraine is typically associated with severe headache on one of the sides of the head. This headache is so intense that it becomes very difficult for the person suffering from it to continue his or her work normally. If some kind of medication is not provided, then it could last anytime between four to seventy two hours. People suffering from migraine often tend to confuse it with sinus pain. Therefore, early diagnosis of migraine is key to a quick recovery.


As mentioned before, it is typically associated with intense headache, particularly affecting the upper part of the head and behind the eyes. The patients of migraine are very sensitive to light, noise and slightly heavy physical activity. Another important symptom is some kind of vision problems known as aura among those who are suffering from migraine. Other common symptoms include nausea and vomiting.

Migraine with Aura

People who suffer from migraine with aura may have some problems with their eyesight approximately 20 to 60 minutes before the migraine attack. Most people identify aura as seeing everything blurry or seeing a tiny enlarging dot of light in front of their eyes. This is called migraine aura.

Changes caused by Migraine

Migraine causes quite a lot of hormonal activities, as a result of this those suffering from it usually experiences a lot of mood swings. They may get too high or too low without any major reason. It is not unusual for migraine patients to smell something that is not there. They also tend to be lethargic and be constantly tired. The above mentioned things are noticed in the prodrome phase. This phase happens approximately one day or less before a migraine strikes.


Although extensive study on migraine has been going on for quite a long period of time, yet, as of now there is no concrete knowledge about the cause of this disease. It is believed that the cause is because of some neurological activities involving the nerves of the brain, brain chemicals and blood vessels.


•    Strong lights
•    Hypertension and stress
•    Irregular sleep
•    Changes in hormones
•    Eating habits
•    Tyramine
•    Caffeine

Victims of Migraine

It has been noticed that women are more susceptible to getting migraines than men. It has also been noted that a significantly large number of people who suffer from migraine also have someone in the family who too has migraine. It is believed that migraine has some relation to the mutation of a person’s genes which affects some areas of the brain.

Age Group

Migraines are more common in the age group of 25 to 55. However, there are some cases where children too suffer from, this disease. For children suffering from migraine in addition to the above mentioned symptoms one may also notice symptoms like them being wobbly on their feet, complaining about stomach pain and they start looking pale then it could mean migraine.

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