Alternative medicines for migraines

Although prescription medicines can ease headache and relieve migraine, people often look for alternative and complementary treatments to get relief from chronic headache. Stress can cause the common kinds of headaches like tension headache, and most commonly, a migraine pain. If you are looking for alternative medicines for migraines, you can check this section out.

Reduce stress with biofeedback

There are many people who get relief from migraine attack by adopting stress reduction techniques. One of the best techniques includes biofeedback. Here you use the feedback or information about your skin temperature, muscular tension, brain waves to reduce the level of stress. Metal sensors are usually placed over the skin to detect the signs of stress. A machine displays the electrical waves, data as numbers and sounds on the screen. By using biofeedback, an individual can change the flow of blood towards the brain and manage migraine attacks.

Stress management

Certain major life events can lead to anxiety, stress and depression. All such elements are linked to headaches and chronic migraine. You may use stress management techniques and anti-depressant pills to manage the stress. Along with this, it is important to get a good night’s sleep and eat healthy.

Acupuncture treatment to control migraine

Acupuncture is that ancient Chinese technique where the fine needles are used. They are targeted towards the major points of the body. Acupuncture can help relieve stress by correcting energy imbalances.

Massage treatment

Although there is not much evidence to prove that massage can help in the treatment of migraine, still it is widely practiced as one of the best alternative medicines for migraines. It can relieve tension and assist with tightness of muscles. Massage treatment is best for tender muscles at the back of the neck, head and your shoulders. Massage therapy can fabulously boost the blood circulation in such areas. So, if the headache is the result of muscular tension, it is best to use massage therapy.

Use a variety of herbs and medicines for migraines

To treat the headache and get relief from migraine, people make use of natural herbs and organic medicines to get relief. Feverfew is one such herb which is best meant for migraine. Placebo is also an effective treatment for migraine.

Make dietary changes

There are some food items that may trigger headache like aged cheese, chocolate, red wine, citrus fruits. If you think that the headache is triggered after consuming any of such stuffs, you must avoid it. Fatigue, lack of sleep and stress are some other reasons behind the headache. You may maintain a diary to watch out what you eat.

Aromatherapy: the best treatment for migraine

Here the essential oils are rubbed and you are asked to inhale the fragrance. Some of the oils are extremely relaxing to control or rebuke the migraine attack. It is important to consider oils like lavender oil, peppermint oil and ginger oil to relieve headache.

There are various evidences to prove that making lifestyle changes can reduce the chance of a migraine attack. It is better to eat a balanced diet rather than fasting.

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