Basic Knowledge of Eye Migraines that Patients Should Know About

Ocular migraines also known as eye migraines as are temporary visual problems caused to either one eye or both the eyes. Although they are painless, but it could be quite scary for the person suffering from it. However, the person suffering from it can make it fine by himself or herself without the help of medicines within half an hour or so. This condition is not harmful.

The other names of this condition are ophthalmic migraines retinal migraines apart from the more common name of eye migraines.

Some patients complain about a type of migraine where the patient experiences an aura. This is a type of migraine which apart from the usual symptoms also has throbbing or severe head pain on only one side of the brain.

On the other hand, migraine without aura refers to a migraine without prior visual disturbances.

These auras usually affect your sight, but at times it is not uncommon for it to also cause problems in speech, smelling and hearing too.

Both the aforementioned migraines can happen to a person at the same time with the symptoms of both being present in such a situation.

Indications of Migraine

•    People suffering from this kind of migraines may have the following types of symptoms.

•    The patient may see a little enlarging blind spot, also known as scotoma in medical terms, in the middle of his vision with flashing bright lights with wavy lines surrounding it. This spot most of the times becomes larger and moves in different positions of the vision.

•    This may last anytime between five minutes to half an hour.

•    Many people suffering from it experience prodrome in the form of mood swings or lethargy a few weeks prior to the migraine.

Causes of Ocular Migraine

•    This kind of migraine is caused by the same factors as that of the other kind of migraines.

•    It is caused when the mechanism within the brain is activated leading to the discharge of inflammatory substances near the nerve and blood vessels of the head and brain. The reasons for such actions are still not known.

•    Studies have shown that changes which happen to the flow of blood on its passage to the brain cause this kind of migraine, the reasons of which are yet to be found out.

•    It has been seen that certain kinds of dishes or drinks which may contain monosodium glutamate or unnatural sweeteners may cause a person to have an attack.

Preventive measures and treatment

On most occasions they do not need medical attention and get resolved within 30 minutes or so.

It is best advised for a person suffering from ocular migraines not to do activities such as driving when ocular migraine attacks occur. If such attacks become too regular then it is best to consult a general physician.

A general physician will be able to prescribe the medicines to cure migraines and also to ensure that such attacks do not happen again. It is also a great idea to get a thorough eye checkup done in order to be sure that there is no threat to the eyesight of the person suffering from it.

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