Hemiplegic migraine treatments

A migraine is the kind of headache which may be mild or severe depending on the symptoms. Some of the symptoms of migraine are throbbing and pulsating pain on one side of the head, sensitivity to light and sound, blur vision, nausea and vomiting. If the problem is acute, nausea may be followed by vomiting. The duration of migraine may be anything between a few minutes to even 48 hours. This headache is common among both males and females. If the pain lasts for more than 48 hours, migraine shots and other medicines for migraines have to be administered. The one who is always stressed due to some reasons or the other, he/she experiences migraine mostly. Stressors lead to irregular and disturbing brain activity which finally constricts the blood vessels to trigger acute headaches. The ones, who are addicted to smoking and drinking, commonly suffer from migraine attacks. Some of triggers are pungent smell, environment upset, extremely bright lights, smoke and pollution. Hemiplegic migraine is the migraine that causes motor limitation.

What is hemiplegic migraine?

Hemiplegic migraine is rare but it is serious. Hemiplegic migraine treatment may be similar to general migraine treatment. It is the migraine characterized by aura, leading to motor limitation. It is very important to identify the migraine trigger and then use the drugs or treatment options. For each person there is a different migraine trigger and so it is crucial to identify that in the first place. In this type of migraine, an individual experiences weakness in one part of the body. Hemiplegic means ‘paralysis on the side’ and so during the attack an individual fails to move the body. The condition is really debilitating. Any part of the body may be affected including an arm, the face or the leg. This numbness is accompanied by a tingling sensation and feels like needles and pins.

The various treatment options for hemiplegic migraine

Most of the pills prescribed for treating general migraine may be used in the case of hemiplegic migraine but you should avoid triptans and ergotamines as they are contraindicated for this kind of migraine. If you are looking for the safe drug options, they are antiemetics, NSAIDs, narcotic analgesics. You should not use abortive pain medicines since the symptoms are very severe here. Indeed, preventative regimen works in the best manner for hemiplegic migraine. Your physician can prescribe you Calcium Channel Blockers as they can effectively treat FHM.

Taking medical help for hemiplegic migraine

If you think you are suffering from hemiplegic migraine, immediately consult your physician. It is crucial to approach the one who specializes in treating this type of advanced migraine. A skilled and knowledgeable professional can diagnose the exact condition and recommend medicines in a timely manner. On the other hand, as the attack is accompanied by an inability to speak or impaired consciousness, it is good to wear medical identification item so that you get timely medical care.

So, we can say that hemiplegic migraine is very severe and dangerous. Medicines for migraines must be administered only after consulting the best migraine specialist.

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