List of medicines for migraines

Looking to treat migraine? There are various medicines for migraines available in the market. But, among them, only a few are approved by the FDA. Within the list of medicines you find in this section, there will be both prescription drugs and non-prescription drugs. Most of the medicines are just meant for adults and cannot be used by teens.

Over-the-counter pain killers and pain relievers

When it comes to migraine treatment, over-the-counter painkillers are the important part. You may also call the pain killers as analgesics. Some of the examples of such drugs are Ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil, Naproxen or Aleve, Tylenol within the category of Acetaminophen. Excedrin, belonging to the brand of Acetaminophen, is being approved by FDA US. In the pain reliever drugs, Diclofenac is a prescription drug.

Triptans: the other category of pain reliever  

Triptans or serotonin agonists are another category of drugs used for the treatment of migraine pain. The best part about Triptans is that they help in maintaining the level of serotonin in the brain. Thus, they tend to control the pain in the head. It needs to be known here that Triptans are the first line of treatment or rather the first line therapy for severe migraine pain.  Whenever analgesics fail to control your migraine pain, you can use Triptans. Indeed, you can use Sumatriptan which is considered to be most effective in the group of Triptans. Within the category of Triptans, newer drugs are also recognized and they include names like zolmitriptan, almotriptan, eletriptan and rizatriptan. Some of the triptans can only be consumed by adults and thus you must read up the label carefully.

Ergotamine or the Ergots

Ergotramine are such drugs that have ergots in them and are best for the treatment of migraine pains. Ergots play a crucial role in the treatment of migraine attacks. When it comes to Ergots, you may buy the preparation like Dihydroergotamine.

Drugs for the treatment of dizziness, nausea and vomiting

A migraine attack is usually accompanied by the feeling of nausea and vomiting. You have medicines for this also. In fact, nausea and vomiting are the commonest symptoms of migraine pain. There are various pain killers that help in managing such symptoms. They include Domperidone and Metoclopramide.

An overview of migraine

Migraine is a life threatening and serious neurological disease, affecting millions of Americans. It is mainly the women folk who suffer from migraine attacks. Some of the hallmark symptoms of migraine are debilitating headache which is simply unbearable. You may experience a throbbing and pulsating pain on the head. This is accompanied by various other symptoms like sensitivity to sound and light and at times vomiting. Medicines for migraines do not actually cure the migraine or the root cause of the problem. They can give you temporary relief from the problem.

Most of the migraine sufferers simply rely on the pain relievers which is not actually right. You must adopt a holistic treatment for migraine to get better results. Preventative therapy can help a lot just like the alternative treatment or medicines for the pain.

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