Medicines for migraines-know which is best for you?

You cannot decide which medicines for migraine work best for you; rather you should rely on any expert doctor for that.  Therefore, you should immediately reach to your doctor if you are horribly getting bothered by migraine symptoms.

Before deciding the medicines, it is very much important to know the real causes. The doctor will conduct several tests in order to find out the primary triggers and in accordance of that the perfect medicines will be prescribed.

Two groups:

•    Acute medicines: needed during the initiation of migraine.
•    Preventive medicines: Needed for preventing sudden attacks.

Best tips:  

You have to follow few tips for getting the best medicines for your migraine issue. Some of these strategies have been discussed below:

•    Generic name should be known.
•    Should be recommended by doctor.
•    Side-effects should be milder.
•    Best comments should be received.
•    Should be safe to take.
•    Drug-combination should be tested in laboratories.
•    Should not react with any food or drinks.  
•    Should satisfy your need and can cater you instant relief.
•    Should offer permanent results rather than temporary ones.
•    Should be easily availed at any drug store.

Popular drug-categories used for migraines:

•    Ordinary painkillers: paracetamol, aspirin and codeine-containing medicines belong to this category. These medicines are basically prescribed for short-term usage. They are quite efficient in handling chronic or emergency situations. Sometimes, medication-induced headaches can also be efficiently treated by means of these medicines.

•    Anti-inflammatory painkillers: These are high-category painkillers and work better than that of ordinary painkillers. They should be taken in smaller dose in order to avoid side-effects. Without doctor’s prescription it is very much harmful in taking these medicines.  Some basic types that are included within the list are tolfenamic acid, naproxen, ibuprofen and others. When you are feeling that migraine aches are about to start then you have to take these medicines. If you have any special health-conditions especially diabetes, liver trouble pregnancy and others then you have to mention the same to the doctor so that the prescription can be made correctly.

•    Anti-sickness medicines: Vomiting or nausea due to migraine attacks can be effectively controlled by these medicines. Domperidone, diclofenac and Prochlorperazine come under this category. If you have got a vomiting tendency during migraines then your doctor will definitely prescribe these medicines either with painkillers or instead of painkillers. The best part about these medicines is that these medicines get easily dissolved and thus you can receive immediate effects without any delay.

•    Triptans: If both anti-inflammatory and ordinary painkillers do not work well then these medicines are being referred. Some of the popular medicines that are being prescribed under this category are Zolmitripton, sumatripton, rizatriptan, naratripton, Frovatripton, eletripton, almotripton and many more.

The doctor will decide which category is suitable for you. The medicines that have been mentioned above are not OTC products and you should keep the same in mind. If your medicines are not working well, then your doctor will alter the same.

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