Pregnancy migraine-Is it dangerous for your baby?

Pregnancy migraines have now become a common thing for pregnant women. But if the migraines become severe then your babies might get harmed. Scientific reports have revealed the fact that almost 70-80 percent pregnant women face this trouble especially at the time of third and second trimesters.

Till now no intensive harm reports of babies during pregnancy migraines have been submitted but necessary precautions should be always taken for being at the safest end. Proper care and rest should be received by mothers so that the babies can remain healthy.

Does pregnancy migraine affect babies?

No evidences have been found till yet and this is why pregnancy migraine has been considered as safe. Though the babies do not receive any harm but the migraine is definitely quite troublesome for pregnant moms. During migraine attacks, moms usually have emotional changes and these changes at times get transferred to babies.

This is because during pregnancy both mom and baby’s health remains connected with each other. On the other hand, estrogen-levels become a little bit disturbed. During pregnancy lots of rests are needed and migraines make the moms mentally quite disturbed and thus the babies might get slightly affected but no serious harms occur at all.

Doctors recommend controlling pregnancy migraines so that babies can remain in good health. There are some women whose diet-schedules also get disturbed with migraine attacks and at that time the babies also do not receive proper food. This issue might get converted into a serious one as babies need nutritious foods on time for a healthy growth. Risks of congenital abnormalities, stillbirth or miscarriage have not been reported due to these migraines till yet.

What to do for treating this migraine?

Well, it is better avoiding medicated help as there are many migraine-relieving pain-killers that are pretty harmful during pregnancy. Therefore, you are suggested adopting more of natural therapies. Non-drug treatments will be very much beneficial for you and your babies will remain safe and protected.

•    Stay away from stress and relax at least for the goodness of your baby.

•    Take proper rest as sleep is the best therapy for treating migraines.

•    Drink more and more water for the whole day.

•    Try doing meditation and yoga as these therapies will make your mind stable.

•    Safest aerobic moves should be practiced but only under expert guidance.

•    You can have consultation with doctor so that you can receive some healthy and natural tips of preventing migraine pains.

•    Avoid those foods triggering migraines; rather you should have the healthy foods that have been recommended by your doctor.

•    Only safe and mildest medicines for migraine are to be taken in case you are experiencing severe and intolerable pain.

The above strategies work well for controlling pregnancy migraine and your baby will also remain safe. Since every pregnant lady faces this situation therefore it is better taking precautions beforehand while you are planning pregnancy. In fact, the doctors also ask the patients to do the same.

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