Various types of migraine that can trigger

The number of migraine sufferers is currently going on increasing and this is a great alert for all. If you want to get rid of intense headaches or pains then you got to determine the migraine type first. In fact, medicines for migraines also vary from one type to another.

The doctor conducts several clinical trials in order to find out the exact type so that appropriate treatments can be suggested accordingly. Following available medical programs on migraines can help you to know about the commonest types. Else specialists can also help you out in this respect.

Basic types:

•    Aura migraines: these migraines are a bit complicated in compare to other types. Some doctors also refer them as classic migraines. These migraines are so very common and thus hit only 20percent of patients. Neurological signs and visual disturbances can be experienced during the onset of these migraines. These migraines are temporary and last for almost about one-hour but the most dangerous part about these migraines is that they can occur anytime. Some other symptoms that are being invited by these migraines are noise, sound and light sensitivity, appetite loss, nausea, confusion, Trouble speaking and tingling sensation at face and hands.

•    Without-Aura migraines: These kinds of migraines are pretty common these days ad many patients are getting affected by the same. Sometimes, they are well-known in the name of common migraines. These migraines do not come with any warnings or signs and thus they are difficult to detect. Pain first starts from one-side and from there it occupies your whole head. Initially, the pain remains moderate and if proper precautions are not taken then it gets converted into severe form. They last for many hours and they might attack even multiple-times in a day. These migraines are mostly in need of immediate medication in order to keep the symptoms under perfect control.

•    Without-headache migraines: Visual problems are found to be the main in these migraines but no headaches will be experienced. Dizziness, fever and cyclical vomiting might be found when children have these migraines.

•    Hemiplegic migraines: Temporary paralysis might occur due to these rarest migraines. These migraines are long-lasting in nature and commonest signs that are associated with them are swallowing, seeing and speaking problem, stabbing or pricking sensation, vertigo and others.

•    Chronic migraines: Every month, at least for 8 days you will experience these migraines. These migraines can even become quite severe at times. Sometimes, medicines cannot even alleviate or control the symptoms of these migraines.

•    Retinal migraines: One of the rarest categories of migraines that can be characterized by means of eye disturbances or visual loss. Headaches are also common in this case.

•    Basilar-type migraines: Adolescents and children are mostly being affected by these migraines. You can now consider these migraines as a part of aura migraines as the symptoms and nature are same.

These are the commonest types and each type has its own features and signs that basically help in proper recognition.

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