What are the causes for triggering migraines?

Primary triggers of migraines should be detected first so that proper medicines for migraines can be prescribed by the doctor. There are both common and uncommon causes and you have to consider them both. If the triggers are being eliminated from your daily lifestyle then only you can escape from the grip of migraine and its unbearable impacts.

Primary triggers:

•    Inadequate sleep: If you are not receiving proper sleep then your brain-nerves are getting pressurized as a result of which migraines are getting started.  

•    Extreme stress-level: increasing stress can be a serious alert as it causes migraine headaches.

•    Untreated headaches: If your headaches remain untreated for long then they might get converted into migraines.

•    Excess caffeine: Excess intake of caffeine might create acute sleep trouble as a result of which migraine issue might occur.

•    Hormonal changes: Hormonal changes are quite common in women especially in times of menstruation and pregnancy. During those conditions migraine pains are quite obvious.

•    Climatic changes: Extreme heat or cold can be quite irritating for few people and these people are the easiest targets of migraine. Temperature changes often bring migraine headaches to them.

•    Computer screens: Continuous starring at computer-screens can be quite harmful for eyes and you might even develop migraine issue soon. Therefore, you can consider this factor as one probable trigger of migraines.

•    Additives: Chronic migraine attacks can be implicated by addictives or chemicals. Some chemicals creating migraines are aspartame, nitrates and monosodium glutamate.

•    Allergic foods: There are some foods that initiate migraine headaches. You should grab the list of those foods otherwise migraine issue cannot be ignored at all. Though there are many foods triggering migraine but the most prominent one is chocolate.

•    Mild dehydration: Dehydration mainly occurs due to lack-of-water intake and this might invite migraine pains at times. This dehydration can be only tackled by means of increasing water intake in a day.

•    Cheese and alcohol: Tyamine producing red-wines can trigger migraines easily. The same component is also available in few dairy products especially cheese.

•    Strong or odd smells: Strong or odd odors can be treated as one of the primary triggers inviting migraine. Though it might sound a bit peculiar but it is a hardcore fact. People having smell-sensitivity often face this kind of issue. There are some particular smells that cannot be taken by these individuals.

•    Medication overuse: If you increase the dosage of any prescribed medicine without doctor’s recommendation then you might experience severe headaches resulting into migraine pains. If this overdose becomes addiction then migraine issue might take a bigger and dreadful form in future.

•    Excess physical-activity: Excess exercises might cater you a healthy body but you might face lots of side-effects as a result of the same. Amongst all side-effects, headache is the severe issue and this headache later on gets converted into migraine.

If you have suddenly changed your routine of work, sleep, food and exercises them migraines might come.

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