What do you know about Migraine shot?

Migraine shots offer a lot many benefits. It mostly helps to reduce the pain on the head. Sumatriptan injection can powerfully address the symptoms of migraine pain like throbbing on the head, high fever, nausea and vomiting, blurry vision and sensitivity to sound. The injection can also help in curing cluster headaches just like the narcotic injections. Migraine shots are effective medicines for migraines that can bring about an instant relief from the pain. Narcotic injections are also the migraine shots mostly used in the emergency rooms when the usual medicines for migraine fail to work. When the pain is severe and is not at all relieved by Migraineur usual medication, you need migraine shots. If you experience prolonged nausea or vomiting, severe throbbing on the head, it is time to take emergency help. On the other hand, when the migraine pain lasts for more than 72 hours and you have just 4 hours of pain free waking, it is time to visit a clinic for migraine shots.

How far botox injections can help a migraine patient?

Botox, the neurotoxin, is such a solution which can treat a variety of issues like wrinkles, axillary hyperhidrosis, cervical dystonia, chronic headache and migraine. It is an effective treatment for headache and migraine and is used in the form of injection. Well, the dosage is again dependent on the severity of the situation. Botox functions by simply paralyzing the muscular activity or blocking the painful nerve signals. The toxin produced causes botulism which is a kind of food poisoning. Botox injection for migraine is already approved by FDA in the year 2010 and is also covered by insurance. This injection is actually administered every 3-4 months and injected on the head and neck muscles. If your headache is tension type headache, then botox is best meant for you. Tension headache of chronic nature can occur almost every day. Out of immense tension, the muscles of the scalp and neck may contract.

What are Demerol injections?

Demerol is the narcotic pain reliever which may be compared to morphine. This is the shot which is prescribed to treat both moderate and severe headaches. It may again be injected or may be administered orally. To reduce the chance of any side effect, Demerol is injected slowly. The shot interacts with the brain centers to increase body’s ability to tolerate the pain. Demerol is also approved by FDA for the treatment of moderate to severe headaches. For a fast relief, this migraine shot may be injected intravenously. When other kinds of medicines fail, Demerol is used in the emergency rooms.

Toradol injection: the anti-inflammatory non steroidal treatment

For a short term pain relief, one can administer Toradol injection. Being non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory in nature, this migraine shot can effectively reduce the pain on the head. The injection can block the production of pain and inflammation causing chemicals to directly reduce the pain and swelling. Being approved by FDA, the leading migraine shot can treat mild to severe headache.

Migraine shots are the best medicines for migraines where the dosage depends on the age of the patient. When the pain on head refuses to go, it is time to administer the migraine shot.

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