What you need to know about migraine in children?

Kids’ migraines are often quite different from those migraines that occur to adults. Parents should take this matter seriously so that they can protect their kids from unbelievable blows or suffering of migraines. Maximum parents think that adequate rest is enough for their kids for avoiding migraines but there is lot more to do.

Some kids’ migraines are so severe that even after taking proper rest they do not go. Until and unless the actual triggers or causes are known the doctors cannot decide the best migraine treatments for kids. Therefore in this respect it is the foremost duty of the parents taking their kids to doctors first. Doctors will make various tests and on the basis of the reports final prescriptions will be made.

If parents do not have enough knowledge about migraine then they might fail to realize that their kids have got migraines. Therefore, parents are advised joining special migraine programs where experts share useful details or facts about migraines in kids. If you want to save your child from the grip of migraines then you got to join these programs without any fail.

Important facts about migraines occurring to children:

•    Many children face severe abdominal pains rather than headaches. Do not take this issue casually because abdominal ache is the sign of stomach migraine. Children of any age are quite prone towards this migraine form. Stomach pains are often accompanied by other noticeable symptoms like vomiting, nausea and others.

•    Throbbing pains often occur in kinds during migraine attacks. These pains are quite alarming and you should immediately take them to doctor. Migraine pains first starts at one side and then it spreads whole head slowly. Whole head pain might make the vision of your kids blurred temporarily.

•    When migraine attacks kids the pain usually stays for a comparatively shorter tenure. Maximum tenure is two-three hours a day.

•    With the age of the child migraine duration, severity and frequency increase. Therefore, it needs to be treated at the initial stage only.

•    Kids often face sudden migraine attacks mainly because of car sickness and colic.

•    Do not ever consider headaches of your kids as excuses for skipping school. It had been found that due to excess study pressure migraine pains come on a frequent note to kids. Due to these pains your kids will not be able to concentrate on their studies properly.

•    Accurate diagnosis should be done so that a perfect treatment plan can be prescribed by the doctor. If your kids are facing episodic attacks then it is quite an alarming thing.

•    Migraine preventives that are usually recommended to kids are propranolol, cyproheptadine and amitriptyline. Almotripton approved by FDA, Advil, Tylenol, NSAIDs are the most suitable options.

•    First-line treatment should never include Opioids; rather Fioricet can be used instead of it.

Parent should keep a close track on their kids so that migraine signs can be easily detected. Kids should be always kept away from those elements that trigger migraine pains.

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